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7x Best vegan burgers in de Pijp

Next time you want to go out for burgers, try one of these delicious vegan options! They taste amazing and you’re doing something great as well. That’s best of both worlds, right?! They’re all located in our favourite neighbourhood; de Pijp. 1. __Brouwerij Troost__- Their homemade vegan burger with vegan sriracha mayo is a feast for your eyes and mouth! You can of course enjoy this burger with one of their many specialty beers. Cornelis Troostplein 21 2. __Meatless district__ – We love their cheeseburger with chipotle sauce and sweet potato fries. If you still have some room left, try their vegan cheese platter. We felt like we were being fooled but that cheese was REALLY not made by a cow! Van Woustraat 189-191  3. __The MEETS__- The Fede’s veggie burger is the best. It’s full of nutrients like lentils, chickpeas, avocado and vegetables. Some vegan mayo and sweet potato fries make it taste like a guilty pleasure. Cornelis Troostplein 3 4. __Burgermeester__ – Our neighbours across the street. Try their falafel burger with tomato salsa and harissa mayo. Cute: You can order a mini version of this burger for the perfect in between snack! Albert Cuypstraat 48 5. __Vegan Junkfood bar__- Their chicken burger is served on a pink and blue bun, how fun? Make sure to check out their starters too, vegan ‘salmon and tuna’ sashimi anyone?! Marie Heinekenplein 9-10 6. __Deer MAMA__- Try their ‘Green monster’ made of green peas and fava beans. Tip! Have a go at their vegan vanilla soft serve. Ceintuurbaan 71 7. __The Thrill Grill__- YES! They have a vegan option as well. Their beyond meat burger is the bomb. WARNING for our fellow vegans: It does really taste like the real thing, so if that is not your cup of tea go for their falafel burger. Gerard Doustraat 98