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Bali Baby

We know, you are rolling your eyes, sighing deeply and on the verge of swiping away. But this Bali blog is different we promise you. We’ve gone to the lesser known places, and have tips and tricks for you, you might not know yet. Yes of course we also ate smoothie bowls for days and went to beach clubs, but there is more to Bali, rest assured! To be honest, when going on a holiday we feel like it should give us more comfort and luxury than we have at home. Hence why for instance hostels aren’t really our jam. It might be your thing and we’re truly happy for you (you’re probably spending much less money than we are) but we like a little luxury. However, big hotels and massive buildings also don’t really give us the picturesque vibes or chill moods we are looking for. So here is how we do it. We like to go to beautiful tiny resorts, boutique hotels or rent apartments and villa’s through airbnb. Especially in Bali this is the perfect way to go. Our favourite smal resort definitely is Mule Malu in Uluwatu. Prices are just as friendly as the staff. Rooms are beautiful, vibes are chill, delicious food from breakfast to dinner and it’s around the corner from the great Uluwatu beaches and other fun stuff!
Airbnb goes as our favourite way to rent locations, because it is so different from renting through Airbnb in Europe. We we’re amazed by the service and facilities we got in the Villa’s we rent with a group of friends. From daily cleaning, massages at the villa and gardeners to being able to order food and drinks via WhatsApp. Honestly more service and comfort than we ever had at any hotel.
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Another tip is to leave the famous tourist places (however fun they might be as well!) and go to the northern end of Bali. It will blow your mind how quiet and beautiful it is there. For example we went dolphin spotting on a boat, hiking up and swimming in a big waterfall, snorkelling with all sorts of colourful fishes, scuba diving with sea turtles and we ate the best real Indonesian food here!
Aside of these (maybe) new tips and tricks to go to Bali, we do advice you to also go to Canggu, Seminyak, Uluwatu, beach clubs, surfing and more of the Bali cliches. Because we believe they are cliches for a reason. It is all so much fun to do!