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How much sleep do our instructors really need to bring you their A-game?

An average person needs 7,5 hours of sleep. But that's just an average, quite a few people actually need more! Others can go about their day with much less sleep. Top athletes such as Roger Federer and Usain Bolt need 10 hours of sleep, while Angela Merkel claims to have enough with 4 hours of sleep per night. We were curious what the sleeping habits of our instructors are, to give it their all every single class!
__Jolien__ __Ideal hours of sleep:__ On a good night 8 hours and a bit more. __Bedtime:__ During weekday it’s between 11:00 and 11:30 pm. In the weekend this varies... Last Saturday I got home at 05:00 haha. But I never sleep in later then 09:00 the next day. My internal clock is always on point, so I never wake up really late. And I like to make the most of my day! __My secret to a good night’s sleep:__ I’m a really good sleeper so I never struggle with falling asleep or waking up in the middle of the night. Once I hit my pillow, I SLEEP☺ __Strange sleeping habit:__ According to my boyfriend I don’t move at all when I sleep and lay suuuper still all night. I also get extremely hot. I’m like a heater for him. <a href="" target="_blank">Book</a> a class with Jolien
__Jordy__ __Ideal hours of sleep:__ 10 hours is ideal but that hardly ever happens. During the week I’ll get 6 or 7 hours and on the weekends I really try to catch up on my sleep so then I’ll easily sleep until 12:00 or 13:00. __Bedtime:__ My boyfriend is usually already asleep but I always listen to music in my bed. I’ll go to bed at 23:00 and go through Spotify to make new playlists. At 00:00 I’m usually so tired that I fall asleep right away! __My secret to a good night’s sleep:__ Spotify, haha! But when I teach an evening class at Vélo nothing helps to fall asleep after. I’ll be so full of adrenaline that I won’t be asleep before 02:00. That also might have to do with the amount of pre workout and espresso’s I take before teaching…..;) When I have to get up for my day job (I work as an HR advisor at PVH) at 08:00. I snooze about 8-10 times. My alarm is a hardstyle song, that really helps to get me going! __Strange sleeping habit:__ I talk a lot! I will process my day during my sleep and go over everything in full detail. This is often paired with a lot of hand gestures and turning around. Yes, you can say I’m quite restless haha. <a href="" target="_blank">Book</a> a class with Jordy
__Sophie__ __Ideal hours of sleep:__ Around 8 hours. If I taught classes early in the morning I’ll take a powernap around 11:00 or 12:00. That’s around the time that I’m sitting on the couch and notice that I need to close my eyes for a small half an hour. I love a quick nap, it gets me through the rest of the day! __Bedtime:__ If I don’t have to teach early the next morning, I’ll go to bed around 23:00. __Secret to a good night’s sleep:__ I always try to make time for a bedtime ritual. I make sure that I relax by using aromatherapy oils such as lavender. This works great to destress my mind and body. I put the oil all over my body and leave it on before I get in the shower. It smells so good when I get in, that’s my moment of peace. Also, before I lay in bed I try to put away my phone. Instead I’ll read a book, right now I’m reading Mythos by Stephen Fry. Other days I’ll listen to my Headspace meditation app. You have special settings for sleeping and by the time the mediation has ended I’m sound asleep, perfect! __Strange sleeping habit:__ When there are many changes in my life and when I feel restless, I sleepwalk! I notice that things will be different in my home the next morning. Also, according to my boyfriend I talk quite a lot in my sleep… <a href="" target="_blank">Book</a> a class with Sophie