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This is: Sophie

__What’s your favorite post work-out meal?__ Definitely a croissant, or as I like to call them “Krozant’. I teach a lot of morning classes, and I love to run over to the bakery and get some fresh krozanten for me and my roommates. Cover it with some cheese, and I’m a happy girl!  __What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received, and who gave it to you?__  Eventually everything will fall into place (uiteindelijk komt alles goed). It is my mom who kept on repeating this during my childhood, and she still tells me this sometimes. I am a controlfreak and a perfectionist, which leads to stressful moments. This advice reminds me that I cannot control every single thing that happens and it allows me to breathe and restart.  __If you could travel now , to any place in the world , where would it be?__ Oh my friend… you got a minute? I am already mentally preparing for my next big trip. So it would be at the start of the Pan American Highway, ready to start riding all the way from Alaska till Argentina, ON A MOTORCYCLE! __If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?__ This would be impossible for me, since my taste changes so much. Last month I was obsessing over haribo cherry candy. This month, my craving is cassave kroepoek. I have some weird eating preferences, I can tell you that. But something that I could eat the rest of my life, would be cheese. FO SURE __What’s  your idea of perfect happiness?__ This is a funny question for me. You might have seen the tattoo beneath my collarbone, this one writes Santosha. It actually means a state of complete contentment. I use it as an everyday reminder, that even when you’ve had a bad bay, you can find things that made you smile, that made you feel a little lighter and happier. Find your happiness and contentment in the little things every day and accept whoever you are and whatever is around you. This is some spiritual stuff, I know. If you want less spiritual, I would say: Sun, Laughs, Family, Friends, Food & Wine. Combine these, and I think that’s as perfect as it gets. __What’s your must watch Netflix  series?__ Today I am completely binge’ing the Game of Thrones. I started in January this year, and I am ready in time for the new season YAAAAS . But this one, the fans know it, is not on Netflix. So to stay true to the question… I would say Peaky Blinders. Eh I mean, Tommy Shelby…
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