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This is: Aline

__What’s your favorite post work-out meal?__ I`m always eating but anything that makes me feel fueled again. So some avocado on toast with eggs or tomato works. I also love some couscous salad with pepper, feta and avocado. Anything with avocado really sounds good haha or protein banana pancakes. __What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received, and who gave it to you?__ Let it go. Actually more than one person haha. When I started teaching I could take some things very personal and be bothered by unimportant remarks. I`ve learned to let things go in general and putting it into perspective makes big things really small all of a sudden. __If you could travel now, to any place in the world , where would it be?__ I would love to go to Nepal and even though I don`t like the cold Iceland is a place I would like to visit. South America and Australia are also still on my bucket list. __If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?__ Sushi for sure __What’s your idea of perfect happiness?__ For me it means waking up in the morning being healthy and feeling good about myself inside and out and able to share that with people I love. Of course everyone has off days, but in general I am in a really good place. Also taking the time to appreciate smaller things in life. __What’s your must watch Netflix series?__ Oew, I have so many. I like the series with action: Designated survivor, Homeland, LOVED Prison break. But also just comedy series like Friends, Jane the Virgin and Dynasty. Outside of Netflix by the way Game of Thrones is a must!
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