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Mental health, burnouts & Vélo

Before diving into this subject we really want to emphasize that we’re no doctors. This article is purely based on personal experience but if you feel lost, please always see your general practitioner for professional advice! There is so much to tell about mental health and there are so many ways to make sure you keep your mental health in check. We would like to share the things with you that really helped us and that we still do to make sure we stay balanced! Like we said, first of all it’s really important to know what kind of help you need. We all have down days sometimes, even weeks, but if the down time starts to outweigh the good times there is something to be done. Check with your gp what they think is the best option for you. This can be either taking some time off, talking to a specialist or it can go as far as checking wether you have a lack of certain vitamins. It really is hard to see from the outside what is going on and we tend to always think we will be able to work everything out ourselves. But sometimes a little help goes a long way and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. Once you know how serious the situation is and you got the professional help you need there is still so much you can do for yourself. First of all try to accept the things that might not be going as you like or as you planned them to go. We know this is easier said than done, but it is so important. Life isn’t always fair or easy but it is what you make of it. And although you can’t control every situation you can control the way you react to the situation so why not make that a positive way of reacting.
What really helped me personally is taking a notebook. (A nice fresh one, unwritten acting as a clean slate for a clean and balanced mind.) And first of all writing down the things you are most grateful for in your life. This can be obvious ones as friends and family but also try to think of other stuff like a warm shower every morning, the possibility to work out or the roof over your head. Next I like to write down little things that I can do every day or every week that make me happy. For me that’s waking up early, having a fresh cup of coffee, buying fresh flowers every week, going grocery shopping and buying lots of fruits and veggies, working out everyday, snuggling on the couch with my loved ones, the list goes on and on! An extra bonus of making those lists, is that on days where everything is just a little too much, you can get your notebook out and read the lists again. And then just go do some of the little things that make you happy! Another type of writing that helps me is an ‘in order to/I need to list’. I do that by making a list divided into two rows. On the left side I write down the things I want to achieve and on the right side I write down what I need to do to achieve that. For instance: In order to succeed professionally I need to stop being afraid to fail. This helps me seeing things more clear and letting go of unnecessary fears. Beside the journaling I feel like having a healthy balanced lifestyle really affects my mental health right away. That means having a routine that includes getting enough sleep in, eating healthy, working out regularly, limiting the amount of alcohol you consume and of course making sure you spend enough time with the people you love! It will be a journey to find out which routine works best for you. Since every person is different and we all need different things to keep us on track. But one of the things that always is really high on my priority list is working out. That’s why I love Vélo and it has really helped me to keep my mental health in check. It makes me feel strong and healthy, it gives me those post workout endorphins that instantly make you happy and it is a moment of time I decide to spend on me because I am worth it! And you need to do that too. Keep saying to yourself you’re worth it because you really are and you don’t need anyone else to make you believe it!
You are worth it
We hope we were able to help or inspire you with this article, since mental health, burnouts and depression can be hard to talk about. Never hesitate to share your struggles with someone it might surprise you how much that helps. Please let us know if there is any other part of mental health or another subject you would want us to write about. And also let us know if you liked it or if you have any other tips that worked for you!