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Must eats: Marrakech

Probably needless to say, food is one of the main considerations for us when booking a holiday destination. We’ve once been on a trip where everyone lost weight because of the lack of good food and it totally degraded the entire trip. So before we take off to the desired destination most of the time we are already armed with a list of restaurants and cafes we want to visit before even knowing where we’re going to sleep. Just like that we went to Marrakech. Firstly making sure we really wanted to go there by checking all the possible restaurants to try out. It didn’t take us long this time however, because Marrakech has so much good food to offer it’s a challenge trying out everything while you’re there. That’s why we offer you this list. Making sure you won’t be missing out on any of the tastiness while you’re there!
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#1 plus61 This crisp white restaurant with its marble tabletops is instagram worthy from top to bottom. Run by an Australian co-owner they offer you modern and refreshing dishes reflecting the diversity of Australia with a Moroccan twist. The entire restaurant captures the spirit of the Australian lifestyle – relaxed, uncomplicated and generous. We even loved this place so much we decided to go there a second time during our stay in Marrakech. Beside their amazing food they also serve the perfect wine (and more) to go with it. Check out their Instagram and be amazed by all the delicious food they offer: @plus61marrakech
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#2 le jardin This oasis of peace inside the Medina was around the corner of our Riad. It’s tucked away in between the tiny streets and souks of Marrakech, bending your neck to walk in the tiny door you step in to lift up your head into a different world. Their green hallway is filled with tiny mirrors on the wall leading you to the garden in the middle with lots of tall green plants, marble tables and moroccan touches. They even have their own little tortoise strolling around the garden. They serve traditional moroccan and middle eastern cuisine with a modern twist. We went here 3 times even, once for lunch, once for a refreshing drink and once for dinner. It’s so nice to have such a serene place to go to after being in the hustle and bustle of the Medina for the entire day! We loved their Moroccan carrot salad and their sweet mhhanncha with frangipane and pistachios. We also really recommend trying some of the mezzes, especially the carrot hummus and baba ghanoush bruschetta.
Le jardin
Complement it with the Moroccan mint tea or one of their fresh juices and you’ll be up and running in no time, ready to conquer the busy Medina again.
#3 Terrasse des épices We could see the rooftop terrace of this restaurant from the pool of our Riad. It seemed like a pretty quiet and serene rooftop terrace with atmospheric lights. But once there it was much more than that. We had the most delicious moroccan salads, tajine and couscous all while listening to live music and sipping a glass of wine. The guests at the restaurant that night also made for a perfect evening, since several of them joined the band to sing a beautiful song in front of the entire restaurant. We loved it and didn’t dare to go back for a second time, afraid it would never be able to reach our expectations after this perfect first visit. Make sure you reserve your table since it’s a very beloved restaurant!
#4 SHTATTO Less well known than the restaurants mentioned above, this rooftop restaurant makes for a nice and calm place to have a taste of Moroccan cuisine. We shared a tajine and some bread with avocado, tomato and eggplant spreads all while enjoying Moroccan mint tea and freshly squeezed juices. A very refreshing twist after some hot shopping at the souks. SHTATTO is located at the midst of the Medina so a perfect place to take a break from strolling around the Red City. Its green interior and modern design pairs perfectly with its surroundings. Crash on the lounge pillows and let yourself get carried away by the sounds of the city.
#5 NOMAD NOMAD is well known and when you do a little research on eating in Marrakech you will surely come across this one on most of the blogs and websites. That’s why we had to try it ourself. It wasn’t our favourite, hence #5, but it’s definitely worth a visit. We went here on our first night in Marrakech, not knowing the temperature goes down rapidly at night. This meant sitting on the rooftop terrace without a jacket, so you can imagine we we’re a little cold. Maybe that’s also the biggest reason why this wasn’t our favourite, because the food was good. We ordered a green couscous on the side of a vegetarian pastilla and a braised lamb shenk.
#6 ?? We couldn’t find the name of this cute little place. And different from the prior mentioned places this is not a restaurant but a shop. A shop for real Moroccan cookies. And we have to be honest, we’ve tried more then a few Moroccan cookies before stumbling upon this shop. But a little too often they seem to be pretty dry and overly sweet. This shop however changed our opinion about Moroccan cookies. Yes they’re still very sweet, but once you’ve had one of these you won’t be able to stop. The cookies are crunchy yet soft inside and filled with the best Moroccan nuts and dried fruits. The girl behind the counter told us they make the cookies at home with the whole family and then sell them at the shop. A real family effort, so to say. Since we don’t have a name it may be a little harder to find the place, but I assure you it’s worth your time!