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Our favourite classic comedies on Netflix

Let’s be honest, we have probably all seen these series at least once in our life. (I can honestly admit here, as this is a safe place, I probably know the lines to more then just one episode of Gilmore Girls). But maybe we didn’t all know these classics are on Netflix, or we forgot about these golden series from our childhood. So we are here as your best friend to remind you of these little gems.
Friends This is a real golden oldie, starring at 1994 (I wasn’t even born yet). Probably the reason I just recently bingewatched all the seasons of this serie. And even though it’s so old, it doesn’t feel outdated at all. We love the 90’s vibes. As you watch episode after episode you really start to love this little group of friends living together and getting through the struggles of life. If you haven’t watched it yet, do yourself a favour and do it, right now!
how-i-met-your-mother-3 bqew87
How I met your mother This comedy series gets a little crazy now and then and might be a little over the top, but somehow you get sucked into it and will be intrigued to keep watching. In the end, we all want to know how he met their mother…
Gilmore Girls Like I said, I might know some lines. I’m guessing I’ve watched the entire serie from start to finish at least 3 times (not making my boyfriend to happy about it). I love how these Gilmore girls are the early version of power women and contemplate their verbally strong arguments. It’s so funny yet sad and crazy at the same time. P.s. if you watched this don’t forget to watch ‘Gilmore Girls: A year in the life’ that only came out in 2016. After that finale I’m pretty sure there must be coming another season sometime, but maybe I’m alone on that…
modern family
Modern Family We weren’t sure if this would qualify as a classic yet, but it’s fun so why not mention it. We love how easy it is to watch this, not having to wrap your brain around any difficult situations after a long day of work. Just lay on the couch and see the life of this family unfold. I personally love to see all the characters grow up season after season.
fresh prince
The Fresh Prince of Belair When talking about classics… This one couldn’t be missing from this list. One of our founders personally made sure to get this on here. Learning the lines to the soundtrack of this serie was one of our favourite activities as a child. If you want a good laugh this definitely is your way to go!