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Our favourite new movies!

Summer time is the perfect time to crash at the movie theaters. Wether it’s smoking hot and you just want to cool off in the airconditioning or it’s raining and you need to find something fun to do while not getting soaked. We love going to the movies. It’s something about sitting in front of that big screen, eating popcorn, being with friends and having a good time while also chilling out and not having to say or do anything. Just the perfect combination of fun and relaxation. And since summer is the time that new movies keep getting released, week after week! We thought it’s the perfect time to tell you about our favourite new movies that are in the theaters as we speak (or coming real soon)! So don’t break your head over what to do next weekend, just book that ticket, sit your bum down and enjoy the ride!
posternew spidermanfarfromhome 01
__Spider man__ We know, we know, you might think it’s getting a little corny. How do they keep making Spider-man movies. Or any superhero movies for that matter. But we assure you, you’ll enjoy it. It might not be the best movie we’ve ever seen, but we do always gaze at the special effects in these marvel movies. It’s amazing how they do it so well. As a bonus seeing it in 3D will really make you feel like you’re flying there next to Spider-man.
__Lion King__ We are suckers for nostalgia, so seeing this movie made our hearts beat a little faster. Bringing you right back to the days of your childhood and the saddest movie scene you’ve ever seen. But with a modern twist ofcourse. The realness of the scenes and Beyonce as Nala, singing the theme song, takes this movie to a whole other level. Even if you aren’t a die hard Disney lover (we can’t be friends) you will definitely like this version of the Lion King!
__Aladdin__ Like we mentioned before, we might be a little biased as Disney lovers, but we couldn’t bare to make this list without mentioning Aladdin. Especially after traveling to Marrakech recently, this movie gave us all sorts of feelings. We just really dig the trend of bringing Disney films alive with real people, getting you sucked into the story even more than before!
fast & furious
__Fast & Furious (coming 1-08)__ We may have had some talks within the team wether or not to mention this movie. Because it seems that opinions about Fast & Furious have gone two ways. I personally love it. Not because of the realness or perfect story (cause truth may be told, you won't find that in this movie), but because you can have a good laugh and do not have to worry about not getting the story. You can easily drift off into your bucket of popcorn and pick the movie up 5 minutes later. That however seems to be the exact same reason that some people don’t like it. Oh well, haters gonna hate, I think you should grab every chance you have at seeing some bad ass cars race!
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__Once upon a time (coming 15-08)__ The cast of this movie makes for some big promises. Like hell, if you put Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt together in one movie, add Hollywood in the equation and direct it by Quentin Tarantino, there is no way it’s not gonna be drool worthy. We don’t even really know what the story is about yet, we just really know we want to see this one on the big screen!