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Recipe: Vivian's green smoothie

Probably everyone knows that taking care of your health means doing more than just working out regularly. And since we are addicted to clipping into that bike, working out isn’t the hardest part for us to stay on track. Of course making sure you feed your body well and get in the nutrients you need is at least as important as moving your body. We all have some ups and downs if it comes down to healthy eating. But we always seem to feel so much better once we pay some extra attention to what we take in. That’s why we would like to share our favourite recipes that are as tasty as they are good for you. The recipes will be some of our own creations and we will also be sharing existing recipes we love. Today we want to share one of Vivian Rijs' smoothie recipes from that will add to a healthy looking skin. The right amount of antioxidants and healthy fats in this smoothie help to protect your skin from harmful substances of daily life and hydrate your skin from the inside out. __What you’ll need:__ - A half avocado - Handful of spinach or watercress - Glass of water or coconut water - 1 banana - A big tablespoon of chia seeds - Blueberries to taste (we use about 100 gr) All you have to do is blend everything together and serve it up in a nice tall glass. If you want to make it into a full breakfast we like to pour it into a bowl and top it off with some extra fruits and some nuts and seeds.
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