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Remember December Challenge

__When:__ ~~1st till 16th of December~~ The whole month of December! __What:__ Get your special challenge card at the front desk, tick off all challenges in December & become an official Vélo Champ! __Where:__ At the Vélo Studio __Why:__ Remember those New Years resolutions you set at the start of 2019? Yes, you were really going to do it but somehow life creeped up on you and somewhere along the way you thought of a reason why you couldn’t do it. Well we’re going to make sure you finish 2019 as you intended, with some kick-ass goals instead. Let’s do this together, hustle, work hard and be proud of everything you’ve accomplished over the year! __How it works:__ 1. Get your own Remember December Challenge card (as shown below) at the front desk. 2. Book your rides <a href="" target="_blank">(here)</a> and complete the goals noted on the front of the card. 3. The square boxes are for personal growth, you can tick these off by drawing a heart inside of the box when you’ve fulfilled it. 4. For all goals with round tick boxes, get a stamp from a member of staff. When you have all of them, you can celebrate becoming an official Remember December Champ by collecting your __limited edition Vélo gift__ at the front desk. __Round check boxes:__ *V-strength or adrenaline:* you can choose wether you join a v-strength or adrenaline class. *V45:* these are our classic rides, join at least 1. *Best of 2019 ride:* All instructors will be teaching special Best of 2019 rides in December, marking the highs and lows of their year. Join 2 of these classes. *Theme Ride of choice:* we offer many theme rides, from Basement Rave and Dutch Hip-Hop to Funky House and Glitter Ball. Take your pick and choose whatever suits you best. Join 2 theme rides along the challenge. *VélOH MY GOD:* Our special weekend ride. Instead of the regular 45 minutes of power we offer you 60 minutes of beautiful sweat. Join at least 1 of these. *Buy a shake:* Get a refreshing protein shake after class with 30% off! *Join a ride with a friend:* working out together has been proven to be beneficial for so many reasons. Bring a friend and ride it out together!
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