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Summer Travels: Ibiza

This destination is really one of our favourites. It feels like you get a shot of relaxation as soon as you arrive. Ready to leave all your worries behind. This Ibiza travel blog skips the party venues….Most likely everybody in the world knows about the infamous party opportunities of Ibiza. So, we will leave that part of the tour up to you. You probably know best. Just promise us you’ll go to the Flower Power evening at the Pacha once. It’s a must-do. So partying aside, did you know about Ibiza’s characteristic places that completely blow your mind? Some places are of incredible natural beauty and moving sense of peace. You will find out that's what Ibiza can be about: tranquility. Oozing with an overwhelming sense of calm and serenity is ‘Es Vedra’. This rock ascends from the sea and is sincerely magnificent. It has been said to be the third most magnetic point in the world. And you will definitely feel there’s something in the air. But even if you don’t, it’s still a superb place for photography. Good chance you won’t be alone, but don’t worry, everyone enjoys the special view being quiet. Head over there at sunset and you’ll come back feeling all the way Zen.
Another great point for a special sunset is Es Cap des Falcó, situated at, Ses Salines. It’s cool and chic. Perfect for enjoying the sun setting in the sea and to relax. Enjoy the special view and grab a cocktail. It’s the best.
Ready for an up scale day at the beach? The Cotton Beach Club is the place to be. Ok, it’s a little bit fancy, but for this one time let’s enjoy. The combination of the gorgeous terrace (it won’t get more ‘summertime’ than that), in a luxurious vibe is a good set up for a really special day. Before and after lunch, take a stroll down the steps to the beach for some sun bathing in the glorious Ibiza weather.
Another fantastic restaurant is Ses Boques. The road that leads to Ses Boques goes through the small town of Es Cubells…(if you ever consider to have your wedding in Spain, this seaside village might be a winner…). The road is actually a bit scary and steep but the ocean is breath taking. The restaurant is very basic, but it’s just that aspect what makes it wonderful. Try the paella or the lobster. It’s famous and delicious. To finish the day a shot of hierbas or limoncello does the job. To sum up: it’s a lovely place. 
And oh yeah, if you want to stay in shape, try out the gym of B-Fit. It’s on the edge of Ibiza city and it’s perfect. They’ve got exciting spinning classes as well, so you don’t have to miss your type of work out! But there’s many different flavours so you can take your pick in a broad fitness offer.
So in this Vélo travel-way you can combine the beach, fancy dinners, authentic lunches, sunset cocktails and some top notch fitness. It’s an Ibiza menu, made by Vélo. Peace and Love. And Ride ; )