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The Food Department at Magna Plaza

We’ve been regulars at the Foodhallen for years and we can honestly say we personally contributed to their growth (cheers to us). So when we found out at the end of last year that a similar concept was coming to Amsterdam we were absolutely stoked. The opening was majestic and we heard great reviews all over town. We decided to wait for the first buzz to blow over before we gladly went to test and review it ourselves. And it didn’t cease to amaze us. First of all we love the location, quite different from the Foodhallen of course The Food Department is right in the centre of Amsterdam. Although we were a little scared of all the tourists that might attract, it turned out to be perfect. We really think the Magna Plaza has always been a little underestimated, but bringing The Food Department in on the second floor of this historic building totally lifted its spirits. We went to The Food Department on a public holiday and even then the amount of visitors was pleasant. Just the perfect balance of a vibrant vibe but not having to wait in line for your food. So now we got to that, let’s talk about the food. We like that The Food Department is a combination of both existing Amsterdam based restaurants and new food concepts. Naturally we had to try out lots of different flavours, so here we go: As fervent Asia travellers our first stop had to be something Asian to bring us back to that taste. We chose China Supreme’s Beijing style Jian Bing. It’s a crepe filled with savoury ingredients that has a vegetarian option as well. We really loved the spiciness of the crepe and the crunch of the fresh lettuce.
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Next we spotted the well known butcher (also located in the Foodhallen) and we can never walk passed it without ordering their sweet potato fries. We know, it might be a cliché and nothing fancy. But you really can’t make our day better than with the butcher’s sweet potato fries. If you’ve never tried them before, please do for us. They’re warm, crunchy, sweet and salty. Basically everything you need.
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Next we ordered two taco’s at Taco’s & Tequila, and although we didn’t see that spirit anywhere their taco’s were to die for. A little pricy for the size of the taco if you ask us. But we tried both their veggie option with jackfruit and their fish taco and they were totally worth it. We also enjoyed the company of the nice waiter, who let us try their home made black corn tortilla chips and told us more about their process of selecting quality ingredients. Which totally explained the price by the way!
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Last but not least we had to finish off at our friends of Toni Loco. Their restaurant is located just about 100 meters from our Vélo studio, so we might have eaten their slices a little more often than we should. But once we saw their stand at The Food Department, again we couldn’t resist. Because we always like to challenge ourselves (both on the bike as off it) we ordered their Jalapeño slice, which made for good fun with our not so spicy loving friends.
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All together we’re pretty sure we’ll be coming around for some Friday afternoon drinks or to feed our Sunday hangover again soon!