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Things to do on a rainy day in Amsterdam

__Munch at the Foodhallen __ Food is always nice and comforting. Wether you’re feeling down, or the weather is down, food will always be there to cheer you up. That’s why we find that a rainy day in Amsterdam is the perfect time to go to the <a href="" target="_blank">Foodhallen</a>. That way you won’t notice any of the sadness that’s falling from the sky, plus you get to enjoy good food! And don’t forget the amazing cocktails of course…
__Join a Vélo ride__ You’re probably thinking ‘yeah that’s an easy way to promote yourself’ but it’s true. We truly love working out and clicking in that bike in the darkness will let you forget the rain right away. It always gives us a sense of peace to ride to the beat while giving it your all. Also the endorphins you get by finishing your <a href="" target="_blank">Vélo</a> ride will get you ready to conquer the rain again!
__Go to the movies__ We might see a pattern of dark rooms here…. Honestly going to the movies is always a pleasure but doing it while you know it’s pouring outside makes it just that much better. We recently wrote an article about our favourite new movies in the theaters right now. So you’re all set and ready to go, find it <a href="" target="_blank">here!</a>
__Bouldering at Monk__ Bouldering is probably not something most people will think of right away, but it is something you’ll definitely want to do more often once you’ve tried it! <a href="" target="_blank">Monk Bouldergym</a> is our absolute favourite in Amsterdam. When bouldering you’ll climb a 4 meter high wall without any ropes or other tools. It really gives a kick to do it on your own. You’ll follow a coloured route and rock that shit!
__VR gaming__ Want to have some fun with friends? <a href="" target="_blank">VR game house Amsterdam</a> will give you a whole new experience. They offer you different VR games like racing, shooting or sports that you can enjoy either by yourself or in a group. You’ll get dragged into an entire different world, totally forgetting about the rain in the real world…